Ilana from ODAR

Hi ilana, thanks again for taking the time out to give a little information for our readers here at losdanghiere, we appreciate it a lot. So tell us a little about yourself

My name’s ilana, I run the business and it’s Meni who is the repair man. He’s great at what he does, fully licensed & insured and old lady’s love him!

Los: Thanks for the intro, so let’s get right into it what made you start doing Appliance repair, and where’d ODAR come from?

Ilana: ODAR is just an acronym for On demand appliance repair, we’re a full service (obviously) appliance repair Company based out of Toronto – We specialize in Washers, dryers, microwaves, refrigirators, etc. We started in appliance repairs beacuse we saw the gap in the market, we were in flooring before, but decided to get out of that & into a market that we saw fit the demand of our ‘neighbors better.

Me: That’s awesome, helping your neighbors. We love that, and I’m sure our readers will. So how do you compete with all the existing companies in Toronto for that niche

Ilana: Well, the thing with our community is that we’re so tight nit that we’re able to support ourselves. In the little portugal community in Toronto, it’s really great – Dentist, trades people, auto, sales and everything are all supported by our friends & Family and it makes it a lot easier to survive in Business.

We wouldn’t be able to do it without our friends

Me: Thanks again Ilana, goodluck with the business!

If you have any questions for ilana you can reach them at +1 905-294-4599