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Hi everyone this is my redesigned website

I am writing this blog to share experiences I have had with SEO and web design since moving from Europe into Canada.  Canada is a different country but it is very friendly, thankfully however the internet and SEO changes little throughout the world.  I was able to uproot my life and move to Toronto and almost pick up right where I left off.

Learn from my experiences in the SEO industry as well as web design.  I want to tell you what Google has done over the years and what you can expect them to do in the future.  It is not hard to see what they plan on doing eventually by looking at how they have made their changes and the direction they take these changes in.  The future of SEO is not a bright one however.  It will become more and more difficult to do SEO sucessfully and profits will indeed be lower.  It will cost more and it will take longer.  The penalties will be harsher as well.

Web design is a different beast however.  It becomes cheaper to make a website as the years go on which leaves your profits lower.  These days your best bet is to hire someone from a foreign country to build it cheaply.  The difference is small and it leaves profits much higher.

Well good luck to all your SEO and web design endeavors and I look forward to reading all your comments.

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